Two ways to charge a phone without electricity, solar charger, and power bank

Somewhere on a foreign hill you're spending holidays. there's no electricity, you do not even have a solar charger and therefore the power bank charge is additionally over. Let me tell you what you'll do if you would like to charge your phone.
PocketSocket is sort of a generator for your own device.

PocketSocket can help charge your phone's battery if you're during a deserted place.

Rotate the handle, charge :
Just start rotating its handle and rotating it around thousand times will charge your phone battery up to 10 percent.

It allows you to charge your mobile , USB player, mp3 player, camera and lots of more devices.

These are designed specifically for US customers, but you'll also use a second adapter.

Your smart phone are often as smart as your phone's battery, so it's to stay charging

Except bicycle

If you're keen on cycling then there's an alternative choice .

Sivasicycle (Watch Video) Atom may be a charger kit during which the battery is charged if the bicycle is running, but the matter is that its battery is merely 1650 mAh.

But it's better to possess a touch battery than not having A battery within the least in the phone.

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