Election / Voter ID Voter registration process of Panchayat : 2020.

Election / Voter ID Voter registration process of Panchayat : 2020.
If a person is a citizen of India having the following qualifications, he / she can register as a voter on the basis of his / her residence in the institutions of local self-government which he / she can register in the constituency / ward.

On the 1st of January every year on the date of qualification, he should have completed 3 years. 

The person whose name is entered in the electoral roll of the Legislative Assembly is automatically covered in the constituency of the constituency / ward of the local self-government institutions so he does not have to make a separate application. But if the Legislative Assembly does not have a name, the voter will be entitled to be registered as a voter in the list.

Subject to the laws of the local self-government and its rules, the voter must not be disqualified.

There is a provision in section 2 of the Gujarat Panchayat Act on the person entitled to vote as a voter in the area of Panchayat. Similarly, as a voter of a municipality, the disqualification is provided for in the section-2 of the Gujarat Municipalities Act. Whereas, in the case of the municipality, section-1 of the Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporation Act provides for the qualifications and disqualifications.

Voter registration process of Panchayat :
To be a voter of the Panchayat, he has declared the Mamlatdar of that taluka as a voting officer, as the Voter Registration Officer and the Deputy Mamlatdar of that taluka as Assistant Voter Registration Officer. 
Considering the next five general elections, if the voter's name is not in the list of Panchayat, if he / she has the above mentioned qualification, the voter appointed as per rule-1 (a) / (b) of Gujarat Panchayat Election (Amendment) Rule-1. Registration Officer should submit the sample no. 

Municipal voter registration process :

A resident of the area of the municipality who is not registered as a voter may apply for registration in Sample-A, as per rule-1 of Gujarat Municipalities (Voter Registration) Rule-1. The Mamlatdar of that taluka has been declared as the Voter Registration Officer and the Chief Officer (Chief Officer) of that Municipality / Municipality has been declared as Assistant Voter Registration Officer.

Voter registration process of the municipality :
According to Rule-1 of Mumbai Provincial Municipal Corporation (Voter Registration) Rule-1, the person / citizen can apply for voter registration in Municipal Corporation. For this purpose, the Municipal Corporation Commissioner has declared the Voter Registration Officer and some officers under his control as Assistant Voter Registration Officer as per the requirement of the State Election Commission from time to time.

Voter Registration Application

Thus if the person / citizen of that area is not registered in the local self-government institute as a voter, he / she may apply in the prescribed form to the concerned Voter Registration Officer / Assistant Voter Registration Officer as mentioned above. The rules for this can be downloaded from the template website.

The State Election Commission lays out a program on electoral rolls and occasional amendments to the rights granted to it. Currently The Voter Reform Program was released in July-2 on the occasion of 1-4-8 and accordingly, the Voters' Board / Wardwar Voter Lists of 3-5 have been prepared. Ta. Qualifying Individuals / Citizens can be voted on 6-8-8. Ta. The required instructions to the Voter Registration Officers for obtaining / scrutinizing the applications of qualified voters on 6-8-8 have been given to all concerned by the State Election Commission.

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Application form for inclusion of note in the electoral roll of Panchayat. Click here to download (template-a-b).

Application form for amendment, cancellation or addition of note to the electoral roll of Panchayat. 
(Sample-1-A) Click here to download 

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