Year in Review: From Apple iPad to Samsung Galaxy Tab, best tablets of 2019

Tablets were originally conceptualised as devices with bigger screen to bridge the gap between smartphones and notebooks. Until last year, they were seen as a natural extension of smartphones, but not much of a computing device. However, things changed for tablets in 2019 and the good ones launched during the year offered the best of both smartphone and notebook functions.
Business Standard lists top 5 tablets launched in 2019:

Apple iPad Pro :
The iPad Pro 2019 is one of the best tablets launched during the year. It boasts a sleek design, top-notch performance, faceID, big screen estate, gesture support, and keyboard and pencil support. Besides, the iPad Pro is powered by a iPadOS – a dedicated operating system for Apple tablets. Like notebooks, the iPad Pro’s operating system is designed for easy and convenient multitasking and faster graphic rendering. The smart keyboard and pencil support makes it an ideal big-screen device striking the right balance between a smartphone and a notebook.

Strating price: Rs 71,900

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 :
Based on the Android platform, the Galaxy Tab S6 comes pre-loaded with the Samsung DeX computing platform and supports digital inking with the SPen stylus bundled with the device. The tablet has other value-added features like call and message continuity which brings it somewhat close to being a true two-in-one device. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is definitely one of the most expensive tablets, but it is worth the price. The tablet’s dazzling display, exceptional multimedia prowess, stylus support, class-leading computing platform, top-notch performance and the ability to serve as a two-in-one device make it the best Android tablet yet — one that could really compete with Apple iPads.

Starting price: Rs 59,900, including SPen

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e :
In the Android ecosystem, the Galaxy Tab S5e is the one of the tablets that actually bridge the gap between a smartphone and a notebook. There is little in this premium tablet that you will not appreciate. The Galaxy Tab S5e has a no-frills design, and its light weight and thin profile make it an ultra-portable device that you can carry wherever you go. Besides, its AMOLED screen, close to conventional in aspect ratio, makes it a perfect match for most tasks like browsing web pages, scrolling through social media profiles, playing games, streaming videos and editing multimedia.

Starting price: Rs 39,999

Apple iPad Air :
Resurrected after several years, the Apple iPad Air is a big-screen device that has benefitted the most from the newly introduced iPadOS. The tablet’s affordable price tag makes it one of the better propositions for someone looking for a cost-effective alternative to the premium iPad Pro. Moreover, it has top-notch specifications, a big screen, smart keyboard and pencil support, and a minimal design.

Starting price: Rs 44,990

Apple iPad Mini :
Like the Apple iPad Air, the iPad Mini also got refreshed with several software and hardware updates in 2019. The iPad Mini 2019 continues with the smaller screen estate of its predecessor, but updated hardware and an improved operating system make it one of the best tablets you can carry along all day. Besides, the iPad Mini has also got the Apple Pencil support, which makes it a fun device to use.

Starting price: Rs 34,9

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