Kamal Nath arrived at Rajbhavan after receiving a second play of political drama / governor, saying after the visit - Do not go beyond the scope of the constitution

Kamal Nath arrived at Rajbhavan after receiving a second play of political drama / governor, saying after the visit - Do not go beyond the scope of the constitution

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Madhya Pradesh: The political crisis, which started 7 days ago, the Kamal Nath government is not in the mood to obey the Governor's orders.

After a resumption of legislative proceedings on March 27, the budget can be discussed for four days, after which a floor test is possible.

Karnataka: The issue of resignation reached the Supreme Court, the court ordered the speaker to make a speedy decision about the floor

Bhopal: The Kamal Nath government's floor test in Madhya Pradesh has slipped into a legal maneuver. Governor Lalji Tandon has been repeatedly instructing the Chief Minister's Office that the government should complete the floor test procedure. But the Kamal Nath government wants to avoid it. Assembly Speaker NP Prajapati on Monday adjourned the House proceedings till March 26, presenting the cause of the coronavirus as the budget session began. 

Speaker Prajapati has said how the majority will be tested until the 16 legislators who have gone to Bengaluru are returned. The Speaker adjourned the House till March 26, shortly after the assembly session began on Monday. Governor Lalji Tandon is already angry with the government's decision. He arrived 9 minutes late to make the official start of the budget session in the assembly and returned to Rajbhavan in 11 minutes without reading the entire speech. 

The Governor has again written a letter to Chief Minister Kamal Nath. It has asked the government to prove the majority by conducting floor tests tomorrow. The governor said that otherwise it would be assumed that in fact you do not have a majority in the assembly. After receiving the letter, Kamal Nath had reached Rajbhavan to meet the Governor. After the visit, Kamal Nath said: "We are ready, but we have already told the Governor by staying within the constitution's scope." The BJP has come to propagate antitrust against us but today we still have numbers.

After the floor test, Shivraj Singh went to Rajbhavan with 106 MLAs and paraded against the Governor. The governor then said that if I gave the directive, it should be followed. He assured the MLAs that you would be relaxed, which would be the proper course of action. Obey my commandments. It is coming to humankind that the Governor may order CM Kamal Nath a second time for the Tandon floor test. Up to 24 hours may be given.

The ongoing political events in Madhya Pradesh have reminded almost a month of drama in the Karnataka assembly in July last year. Its opening glimpse is also being seen. Experts say that in Madhya Pradesh, the process of floor tests can be as long as Karnataka. The assembly was discussed for four days before the floor test in Karnataka. Even in Madhya Pradesh, the Kalmanath government wants to present the budget before the floor test. Under these circumstances, if the legislative proceedings begin on March 27, the government will present the budget first. Then there will be a discussion about it for 3-4 days.

What happened in Madhya Pradesh?

1- Rebel MLAs have twice resigned to the Speaker of the Assembly: Jyotiraditya Scindia's support for the Holi on March 10 left 22 MLAs going to Bengaluru. From here he sent his resignation with BJP leader Bhupendra Singh. But the Speaker of the Assembly did not accept that. Meanwhile, the Kalmanath government accepted the resignation of six MLAs of the Sindhia supporter. On Sunday, 16 Congress MLAs wrote separate letters demanding acceptance of their resignation but the Speaker of the Assembly did not reply.

2- Governor Lalji Tandon has twice written to the Chief Minister: Governor Lalji Tandon has twice written a floor test to the Kamal Nath government. He wrote in a letter to CM on Saturday night that he should have a floor test immediately after the speech. Button is used in the house for that. About this, the Chief Minister's Office replied that the Assembly did not have a button. 

On Sunday, the governor wrote a letter again saying that a majority test should be done on the first day of the budget session as the government is in short supply. This process should be done by lifting hands. But this was not mentioned in the agenda of the House on Monday.

3. Chief Minister Kalmanath has met the Governor twice: Chief Minister Kalmanath met with Governor Lalji Tandon late on Sunday. Coming out of Raj Bhavan late at night, Kamal Nath said the governor had called him to discuss. In a letter written to the Governor, Kamal Nath said that it is not possible to conduct a floor test in the present situation. Because it is undemocratic to conduct a majority test in the House.

The BJP does not want the Kamal Nath government to be subject to Rajya Sabha elections
The BJP has reached the issue with the Supreme Court. Because elections for the 3 seats of Rajya Sabha are due to be held on March 26 and the BJP does not want the election to be ended under the Kamal Nath government. BJP leaders started before its preparation

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