Business information for small villages operating small businesses

Business information for small villages operating small businesses is collected and government C is planning to benefit them

his information has been requested by the district panchayat from the small villages through the taluka panchayat and taluka panchayat through each sarpanch.

The proper evidence for it will be sought and this form has to be filled out and proof of this has to be submitted.


After completion of this course the student shall be able to
1. Understand different forms and issues of inequality and inequity in education, and the ways to address the min the school and class room situations.

2. Realize the importance of the right to education and the provisions in the RTE Act 2009.

3. Identify the indicators and standards of quality in education and implement the strategies for enhancing the quality of school education.

4. Understand the domains of human rights and role of education to safeguard the rights.

5. Realize the need for integration of environmental concerns in school education.

6. Understand the strategies for development to skills and the role of teachers in developing the life skills.


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