Even if the answers to these 10 questions are answered, the Indians will be quiet in the corona crisis

Even if the answers to these 10 questions are answered, the Indians will be quiet in the corona crisis
The sight of the corona virus that is causing terror all over the world is now falling on India.
Even if the answers to these 10 questions are answered, the Indians will be quiet in the corona crisis

There are now more than 5 cases in India, more than four deaths and thousands of suspected cases in the counting days. A 7-day lockdown is applicable in the country. 

PM Modi has called for lights from his homes on April 7, as he announced an evening lock in honor of doctors and security personnel during a public curfew. At this time, a certain country needs to do such morale-boosting activities, but at the same time, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is only natural to ask some questions regarding how much work is being done at ground level to improve the current situation.

In this regard, Congress today raised the issue of PM Modi's appeal and raised many questions on the functioning of the government in case of lockdown and corona crisis. It is natural to have some questions so that the epidemic can be truly killed.

Question 1 - How has the corona virus drug or vaccine worked?
Right now, countries all over the world are searching for the vaccine against Corona. India has teams of competent scientists and doctors. The people need to know the answer to the efforts made by the Government of India to make this research work go faster.

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Question 1 - How much is a safety kit available to doctors and medical staff?

Everyone knows that the disease is extremely contagious. Many doctors are suffering from the disease rather than treating it. There are reports from many places that not enough coat masks and hand gloves are available. There is news that private companies have started their production, so PM Modi needs to reassure the country on how its supply is reached.

Question 1 - How many ICUs and ventilators are available in the country?

While countries with the best health services in the world, such as Italy, are experiencing ICU and lack of ventilators, there are some cities in India where ICU beds are very low and ventilators are not. It is important to inform the government about the steps.

Question 1 - What is the preparation for testing soon?

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There have been reports that the test center in Pune has created a test kit that offers accurate results in a very short time. WHO has said that testing is very important in addition to lock down. South Korea has brought the disease under control by over-testing. Now why is this new testing kit not being made available in hospitals in India?

Question 1 - How are quarantine patients being monitored?

The government itself has admitted that the figures have come out in figures of people traveling abroad. In addition, some suspects have been reported to have escaped isolation. These people are at greater risk of infecting other people. What is the government's strategy against this is a question.

Recently, those returning from Nizamuddin Marquez in Delhi have been found to be positively corona-positive. The important question is how soon the returnees are tested and how tightly they are kept in isolation.

Question 1 - The crowds at ration shops are increasing the risk of coronas; This is what the government is considering.

Due to lock down shops across the country, people have lined up in front of grocery and government ration shops on the basis of exemptions from government ration. The same is the case in Ahmedabad. In some areas of Ahmedabad, people were forced to stand in lines in the early hours to get grain. In some places, the grain is found in the lines, but afterward, its quality has deteriorated so badly that it cannot be eaten. Who will understand this pain and when will it end?

Line of ration in Ahmedabad vessel area (Source: Ahmedabad Mirror)

Devaraj Park (Source: Ahmedabad Mirror)
Is this Social Distancing? Can people survive the infection in this way?

Question 1 - When will the labor situation improve?

The government is claiming that shelter homes have been built for trapped laborers where they are provided with necessities like food, water, and medicines. However, on March 8, reports from the Vapi in Gujarat that five laborers were stranded in a dark, airy, and sunless truck-like luggage was reported by the media from where they left for this state of affairs in Barmer, their home state of Rajasthan. He has also been accused of repeatedly being subjected to police abuse in the meantime. Apart from this, it was also reported that some people were leaving the Ratanpur border due to a lack of coordination between the Government of Rajasthan and Gujarat. We also need to think about when this tragic situation will stop.

Question 1 - What are the decisions the government is making besides lock-down?

It seems certain that after implementing the lock-down, India has been able to be better than other countries but now the number of cases has been rising for the last few days. Against this, the government will have to create not only the lockdown but also another strategy on which no information is available from the government.

Question 1 - How will the government help?

PM Modi has also chosen to remain silent on whether the government's relief package reaches the illiterate, tribal, Dalit-like classes of the village and what the government plans to deliver.

Question 10 - How Safe Are People's Jobs?

The IMF has said that we have been in a recession for more than 3 years. India's GDP is already shaking. It is also important for all to know what the government plans to prevent unemployment from spreading in the country due to the loss of the epidemic.

સંપુર્ણ માહીતીમાટે અહિં ક્લિક કરો.
This is a time of trouble. As the citizens of India, all the Prime Minister Narendra Modi stands behind. Everyone, including WHO, appreciated their quick decisions. But breaking the silence on some of these specific issues is an essential step for the central government at present.

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