MA Amritam and Vatsalya Card Mukhyamantri Amrutum Yojana Benefits

MA Amritam and Vatsalya Card Mukhyamantri Amrutum Yojana Benefits: "MA Amrutam" and " Vatsalya" Card: Full information on how to take advantage of the "In Amritam" and "Vatsalya" plans, and who and where to get them.

Like and share this post more and more so all friends can benefit. About the Chief Minister Amritam "in" and "Vatsalya" schemes. So that people in need can benefit from it. Under the scheme, the beneficiaries, from registration to laboratory, operations, medicines, patient food, and other services are provided free of cost. And the patient's travel charge (Rs. 1) is paid by the hospital.

Under the scheme, the fixed costs received by the beneficiaries are paid directly by the government to a recognized hospital. Beneficiaries with "Amritam in" and "Vasatalya" cards can avail themselves of the same by going to a government-approved hospital for their treatment. Some of which are eligible for certain financial support from the government.

Chief Minister Amritam's "in" and "vatsalya" plans, which are based on health insurance, do not include any other insurance company. Up to a maximum of Rs. 200,000 / - per year (Rs. Two lakhs) per family is provided free of cost for serious illnesses.

Under this scheme, a maximum of 628 types of diseases is given for a total of 628 diseases such as heart disease, serious kidney disease, brain disease, serious newborn diseases, serious injuries, stroke accidents, cancer operation.

How to take advantage of the "in-store" plan:

For this, an example of an income of Rs.250,000 or less to the poor family will have to be obtained from the officers mentioned below.

(3) District Collector

(3) District Development Officer

(2) Deputy Collector / Province Officer

(3) Deputy District Development Officer

(2) Taluka Mamlatdar / CT Mamlatdar

(3) Taluka Development Officer

(5) Deputy Mamlatdar Shri

Now after getting an income example, take the family members and visit the nearest Taluk Kiosk. Five members of the family must be registered and get a “Vatsalya” card
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If your name is on the BPL list for this plan, take your family members and visit the nearest Taluka Kiosk. Then register five family members and avail the "in" card.

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