PM Modi said do not spread lies in my name, do so only if you want to honor

PM Modi said do not spread lies in my name, do so only if you want to honor

pm narendra modi tweet to fans coronavirus
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has criticized some enthusiastic supporters. He tweeted on his Twitter account and said, "Some people are campaigning to honor Modi by standing for 5 minutes. At first glance, it seems like Modi is getting into controversy."

Prime Minister Modi has stood for 5 minutes and labeled the honor as false
Appeal to take responsibility for one poor family till the Corona crisis
PM Modi further said that although you may have any goodwill, I insist that if you truly have a lot of love and respect for Modi, take responsibility for one of the poorest families, as long as there is a corona virus crisis. There could be no greater honor for me than this.
If you want to honor Modi, take responsibility for one family until the Corona crisis is resolved

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Let us tell you that some people are campaigning on social media to honor PM Modi by standing 5 minutes next Sunday, April 12. People are sharing the message on Twitter-Facebook about the campaign. However, many such messages have been deleted following the Prime Minister's appeal.

Wrong to stand for 5 minutes

PM Modi condemned the campaign and said that if anyone wants to honor me, take responsibility for a poor family as long as there is a crisis of corona virus, it would be a great honor for me. PM Modi said that it was wrong to stand for 5 minutes.

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