The new month is set to begin in September.

The new month is set to begin in September. 

 In this new month, many rules related to banking, traffic and taxation will change.  This change will affect your daily life.  It is important to know these rules.

 Changes to banking rules
 Starting September 1, the rules related to the bank will change.  In fact, the country's largest state bank of India has decided to link its old customers with a repo rate of a home or auto loan.  Whenever the RBI reduces the repo rate after its implementation, consumers will benefit from immediate impact.

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 In the coming days, other government banks like SBI will also link the loan to the repo rate.  The opening and closing times of banks may also change in September.  In this way, government banks can start getting loans, auto loans and personal loans in 59 minutes.

 Changes in traffic rules
 Starting September 1, the rules related to traffic will change.  In fact, 63 provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act are yet to be implemented.  It involves fines for violating traffic rules.

 As per the information, the fine has been increased in other matters including drunk driving, overspeed and overloading.  Besides, responsibility for road accidents has also been fixed in the country.  Engineering is considered to be the main cause of the accident.

 Changes to insurance rules
 If you have a car or towel, be prepared to change the insurance rules from September 1st.  In fact, ordinary insurance companies will now provide separate insurance cover to vehicles for damage from natural disasters such as earthquake floods, catastrophes and attacks.  Last July, the Insurance Director Irida asked ordinary insurers to take effect from September 10.

 Changes to tax rules
 Starting September 1, the tax rules will change.  In fact, a scheme has been launched to tackle old tax issues.  Any outstanding tax under this can be paid.  There will be no legal action on payment of tax in this scheme, but interest, penalty will be exempted.  Thus, filing an income tax return from September 1 may also be penalized.

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 Easy to make Kisan credit card
 Starting September 1, it will be easier to create a Kisan credit card.  Now the bank has to issue a Kisan Credit Card for a maximum of 15 days.  The government had directed a few days back in this regard.

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