Gujarat Solar light Trap Yojana 2020

Gujarat government announce A solar-powered light trap has come to the rescue of farmers who have been searching for an easy and safe method to get rid of the pests. Elappulli native Chandran has experimented with the new technique in his 6-acre paddy field as directed by the agriculture department. The solar light trap helps to kill the insects and replace chemical pesticides.

Gujarat Solar light Trap Yojana 2020 Farmers approve of a solar light trap for low-cost, eco-friendly pest control.

Chandran opined that Gujarat solar light trap can be used for cost-effective pest control. The device consists of a bowl on a tripod, an LED bulb, and a solar panel. It functions automatically with the help of solar power.

The trap functions in the night hours when the insect attack is at its peak. The agriculture officers said that since it does not function after 10 in the night, the beneficial insects will not be harmed. The poison trap in the bowl should be changed once every two days.

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The LED bulb will light from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm and its blue light will attract the insects. When the flies come near the device, they will be trapped in the poison trap under the bulb, which ensures their instant death.
Solar Light Trap

Solar LED Light trap is a renewable energy-based electro-mechanical device that helps the farmer to reduce the usage of pesticide spray by capturing economically impacting adult insect pests towards a very special spectrum of light wavelength.

It works based on an electronically programmable controller to segregate beneficial and nonbeneficial Insect’s sociological behavior.

It is fully automated to start and stop to capture the maximum of non-beneficial insects. The product is Modular in design and easy to install and maintain at the farm. The product is having the following features and benefits for the customer. 

  • Ultra Violet–A – Lighting technology to capture nymphs and adults of plants damaging Insect and Pests
  • Microcontroller based operation auto Turn ON prior to Sunset and auto Turn OFF by 9.00 – 9.30 PM automatically.
  • Fully Solar chargeable and No Power required to operate the device High power VU-A LED light technology.
  • Modular in design and ease of installation in the field.
  • Portable across the crops and plantations
  • Height Adjustable Model 
  • No Electricity required to operate the device
  • Eco-friendly Integrated Pest and Insects Management device for Paddy, Wheat, Vegetables, Fruits, Floriculture, Horticulture, and all large tea, coffee, and cardamom pepper plantation crops.
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  • Aadhaar card
  • Identity card
  • Passport size photo
  • Bank passbook
  • Mobile number (for registration )
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