As Corona's case grows, the government's big decision here is a fine of Rs 2,000 if he does not wear a mask


 As corona cases are on the increase again across the country, Delhi is preparing for a replacement crackdown on corona cases. The new rule is now coming after only 50 people were allowed within the marriage. Now those that don't wear masks may need to pay a fine of up to Rs 2,000. Chief Minister CM Arvind Kejriwal has spoken to elected official Anil Baijal about this. Earlier, there was a fine of Rs 500 on the mask.

 CM Arvind Kejriwal said that if people don't wear masks in Delhi, they're going to be fined Rs 2,000. thus far the fine was Rs 500. With this, CM Kejriwal has appealed to the opposition to not do politics during the Corona and to celebrate the sixth festival reception from Delhi Read Gujarati.

CM Arvind Kejriwal said this is often not the time to try to to politics. this is often the time to serve, the more people we serve, the more people will remember us. within the future people will remember how Delhi fought the Corona War. All sides agreed that we might all fight the Corona fight.

 Regarding holding Chhath Puja publicly places, CM Arvind Kejriwal said, "We want the brothers and sisters to celebrate Chhath Puja with much fanfare, but take care ." One infection can infect all people with coronary heart condition . If a rash forms and therefore the corona becomes infected, everyone are often infected by water.

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