GetContact App

What is GetContact
The goal of the GetContact application is to specify the name of the caller, if it's not within the phone book. this is often done to spot unknown numbers and protect against spam. to try to to this, the appliance must copy the telephone number of the caller, after which it'll show his name and, probably, a photo. GetContact collects a database of numbers in order that any incoming call are often recognized from the primary time.

The author of the appliance is Getcontact LLP, which Turkish citizens established within the UK in November 2017. consistent with the developer, they add 148 countries.

The app is out there on iOS and Android . consistent with the meter on the location , it's already been installed by quite two million people. As noted by , the appliance for the primary time topped the rating of the Russian AppStore within the section “utilities” on February 8, 2018. On February 26, it took the primary place among the foremost downloaded free applications.

The application had time responsible for the destruction of families: it's alleged that the user from Azerbaijan found out the betrayal of her husband when she learned that he was recorded by someone under a woman’s name.

In PlayMarket there are many complaints about the inefficiency of the appliance . Users couldn't find many numbers, claimed to gather personal data and sent complaints to the appliance . those that have already installed GetContact have encouraged others to right away remove it or not install in the least .

verification showed that GetContact shows user references only in contacts of his contacts who installed the appliance – some numbers couldn't be found.

Apparently, the database of numbers will only grow – consistent with the FAQsection , it expands a day . Hidden numbers that aren't displayed once you call, the appliance doesn't recognize.

Why Get Contact was banned in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
The application was banned in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan in early February thanks to the very fact that it violates the laws on personal data and their protection.

Earlier, the media reported that the appliance was also banned in Kyrgyzstan, but it had been impossible to seek out this confirmation: on February 9, after the ban in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, it had been still available . After this news, there was no news about the locks.

After blocking GetContact in Kazakhstan, Codebusters development team launched its analog – GetContact_. the top of the corporate Murat Alikhanov said that it quickly became popular and allows you to earn on advertising a few thousand dollars each day . consistent with him, the team is prepared to dam . On February 28, the creators of GetContact_ renamed their service in Pootin, .

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