There are many ways to make money from whatsapp


 Whats app has become the foremost used app of facebook nowadays. But did you recognize that whats app se paise kamaye can go.

 Because whats app is employed by thousands of individuals daily during which people share Messages, Images, Videos, Links etc.

 which individuals share from one person to a different and from another to a 3rd person.

 If you learn to use of these things correctly then you can also earn money from whatsapp.

 Today during this post we'll learn intimately about Whatsapp Se Paise Kaise Kamaye and what we've to try to to to form money from WhatsApp.

There are some ways to form money from whatsapp.

  •  you'll make money on Whatsapp by sharing any image or video.
  •  On whatsapp you'll earn money by sending download link of any app.
  •  you'll earn money by selling products on whatsapp.
  •  you'll earn money with the assistance of affileate marketing on whatsapp.
  •  you'll earn money by using the link of link shorting website on whatsapp.

Share Image & Video on Whatsapp Kaise Kaise Kamaye

 There are many websites on the web that you simply can visit to hitch the Image Promotion, Video Promotion program.

 during this sort of program you're given a video or image of a service or product of a corporation . Which you'll earn money by sharing on Whatsapp.

 whatsapp you'll have seen repeatedly that folks ask you about which service or product to send the image and video and ask you to forward it.

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