Free… Free Free Watch Netflix tonight for free from 12 noon, access this way

Netflix is ​​free from 12 noon tonight. Not forever but only for two days. In fact, Netflix has announced that its service will be free in India for two days. The company said this is being done under Netflix StreamFest. Anyone in India can watch premium Netflix content during this Netflix Stream Fest. There is no charge for it. However for that you have to sign-in with your email id or number.
According to Netflix, for two days all users will have access to all the features of Netflix that are currently offered to premium users. You don't even have to register for debit or credit card details to sign up.

To watch free Netflix under Netflix Streamfest you can visit netflix.com/streamfest. You can also sign up by downloading the Android app or sign up if you don't already have an account.

Starting today, you can set a reminder by going to Netflix.co, /streamfest, so you can watch free Netflix as it goes live. The company said anyone who signs in during Stream Fest will only be able to see the content of the standard definition.

Watch Netflix content everywhere from smartphones to TVs
The company said the Netflix account will allow you to view content from smartphones, TVs, iOS devices, gaming consoles everywhere. This smartphone will also be able to cast in TV. Netflix will be free in India from 5 December 12.01 AM and will run till 11.59 pm on the night of 6 December.

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