From Mahindra to Renault, bumper discounts of up to Rs 3 lakh on these cars

The year 2020 is not far off. In January, where most companies are making their cars more expensive, in December you will have the opportunity to buy a new car with a discount at the end of the year. Here we will tell you about some of the coolest deals and discounts.

Mahindra Ultras: Rs 3.06 lakh discount
With this Mahindra SUV bumper discount you can buy this month. The car is getting a discount of Rs 3.06 lakh. In India, this car will compete with cars like Toyota Fortuner.

Jeep Compass Discount - Rs. 2 lakh discount
This is one of Jeep's most popular offroad SUVs. If you buy this car this month, you can get a total discount of up to Rs 2 lakh this month.

Renault Duster - Discount up to Rs 1 lakh
The Renault Duster is the company's most successful car in India. This car is well chosen in India. If you are thinking of buying this car, you can buy it with a bumper discount of Rs 1 lakh. Buying a car in December can be a lucrative deal for you as all car companies increase the price of their products from January. So, companies also offer discounts on existing models to clear stock in December.

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