Is TikTok preparing to compete with YouTube with this new feature?

YouTube is definitely the most popular video platform. If you remember, before 2010, only up to 10 minutes of video could be uploaded on this platform.
The 10-minute restriction was later gradually removed from YouTube, and longer videos can now be uploaded. Now let's talk about the short video sharing app TikTok which is banned in India.

Although there is a ban on Tiktok in India, the company hopes that the government will lift the ban. The app is growing rapidly in other countries, including the United States and China.

Now US President Donald Trump is leaving and Joe Biden will take office in January. In a way, the way for Tiktok to settle in America has become clear. Tiktok, meanwhile, is now preparing to make the platform a little different from short videos. Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly.

Expert Matt Navara, who keeps a close eye on social media, tweeted and shared a screen shot. The screenshot states that they are given access to upload up to three minutes of video on Tiktok.

Up to three minutes of video can now also be uploaded under the Tiktok app and early access on the desktop. This means that videos up to three minutes can be uploaded not only on the Tiktok app but also on tiktok.com

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