Kanyadan policy

Insurance cover with savings is additionally covered. and therefore the savings are such you're shocked to listen to its return. Jiha! life assurance Corporation (LIC) Kanyadan policy features a similar feature. In it you'll save only Rs 75 per day and obtain a return of Rs 11 lakh in 20 years. 
additionally , if you die after taking the policy, the loved one will need to pay a premium for the policy and can even be paid Rs 1 lakh once a year .

This policy is sweet for daughter's wedding preparations
Usually people worry about their daughter's marriage. This policy is best for those people. LIC has named this policy Kanyadan Yojana. during this scheme at the speed of Rs. 75 per day, Rs. This plan are often obtained by paying 2250. But this plan are often availed albeit one wants to pay a lower premium or more. Its benefits also will be offset by a discount in premiums.

At what age does one get this policy?
to require this policy, the insured must be a minimum of 30 years aged and therefore the daughter must be 1 year aged . The plan are going to be available for a maximum of 35 and a minimum of 18 years. you'll decide the premium on your own. This policy is out there to you and your daughter supported different ages. consistent with the age of the daughter, this policy limit are going to be reduced Read Gujarati.

Take a glance at the policy
  • The family won't be required to pay any premium if the insured dies within the meantime during the policy.
  • The daughter will get Rs 1 lakh per annum during the policy year.
  • Upon completion of the policy, the nominee will get Rs 27 lakh.
  • This policy are often obtained for more or less premium.
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