Make a small investment every day in this post office scheme, you will become a millionaire in the future

Investing in a post office scheme is considered very beneficial. If you are planning to invest a large and deep return on your hard work, you can opt for the Post Office's National Savings Recurring Deposit Account Scheme.

Considered a good alternative to the scheme
Under this scheme, you can get a large amount by depositing a small amount of money every month. Recurring deposits are a popular way of saving among investors. It is considered a good alternative to the post office scheme of fixed deposit and long term investment. Some conditions have also been laid down for investment in this post office scheme. An RD account can be opened after fulfilling these conditions. The benefit of this scheme can be availed by investing Rs.

Can be of great benefit in the future
It has been observed many times that the idea of ​​saving Rs. So if you invest Rs 10,000 a month, after 10 years you can get Rs 16.28 lakh on maturity.

Return is given under interest
That is, after a period of time you can also become a millionaire. The scheme is currently offering 5.8 per cent interest. Returns are given under fixed interest in the scheme. This account can also be opened in the name of people under 18 years of age. Its maturity is 5 years, but you can extend it for 5-5 years by applying.

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