Now you can rent Galaxy Smartphones, Samsung has started a one year program

Now you can also rent a smartphone. Veteran phone company Samsung has launched it. Through the scheme, the company is leasing its flagship Galaxy series smartphones for one month to one year. Currently, the scheme has been launched in Germany.
This is the plan
Under the scheme, anyone can rent Galaxy devices for one month, three months, six months or even 12 months. The company has launched the scheme in partnership with Grover. Samsung Mobile reports that Samsung customers who want to take advantage of the new rental service can select the Galaxy S20 model from the official Samsung store and opt for the rental option.

This will be the rent 
With 128GB of storage, the Galaxy S20 FE can be had for. 59.90 / 49.90 / 39.90 or 29.90 per month. The longer the rental period, the lower the monthly fee. The standard Galaxy S20 can be rented for 99.90 / 69.90 / 59.90 / 49.90 Euros, while the Galaxy S20 + is available for 109.90 / 74.90 / 64.90 / 54.90 Euros.

The top tier Galaxy S20 Ultra model you will get for 119.90 Euros for one month of rent or 99.90 / 79.90 / 69.90 Euros for 3/6/12 months respectively. The rental service is temporarily limited to Germany and there is no indication yet when it will start in other countries.

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