The phishing industry, which is giving the country crores of rupees in exchange, is eating away at the corolla.

The Corona epidemic has put fishermen in trouble at small ports. The export and purchase of fish from small ports has stopped. So fishermen do not get money from fish companies on time. This has led to the phishing of small fishermen in particular. Phishing has stalled due to lack of capital. Due to which the boats at the port have crashed.

About 7,000 fishermen live at Sutrapada port in Gir Somnath district and more than 400 small and large boats have been wrecked. The fishing industry, which has been giving crores of rupees to the country, is faltering in the midst of the Corona era. Earlier, the failure to fish due to hurricanes named Vayu and Maha has hit this year due to the Corona epidemic. Due to the closure of exports, business could not take place. So money is not released from many foreign companies. Fishermen, big and small, are afraid of becoming unemployed.

Especially small fishermen are in trouble. He has to pay for daily necessities including diesel, rations, ice to keep his fishing boats running. When the money for the goods is received after 6 to 8 months. So many fishermen's payments have stopped due to non-export of fish. If such a situation continues for a long time, the industry will collapse completely. At present, 40 to 50 per cent of the effect is being seen. In Teva, the fishing community has approached the government to save and provide relief to the fishing industry.

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