These are the 6 most working features of a smartphone, which every user needs to know

Most people use smartphones but not all people know enough about its features. Users cannot even use it due to lack of information. Many of these features are very useful for the users. It becomes necessary for the users to know about these features. If you don't want anyone to be able to call from your phone without your permission, block outgoing calls for a certain amount of time. Android phone users have to go to the phone dial and type # 31 # and then press the calling button. This will stop the outgoing call. To turn it on again type * # 3 # and press the calling button.

Activate auto sync
Another feature used is Google Account Auto Sync. It is in Google Account settings. With the help of this feature, if the phone is lost, the contact can be restored. Keep the auto sync for it.

SAR value
The third important feature is the abstract value. This gives information about the radiation of the phone. 1.6 The abstract value is considered normal. To check it go to mobile dial and type * # 07 # and the essence value will be known.

Get rid of unnecessary notifications
The fourth feature can get you rid of unnecessary notifications. To turn off notifications go to mobile settings and turn off notifications by going to the notification option.

Developer option
To activate the developer option, go to About in the phone's settings and click on Software. It will have the build number option inside. Click on which and go to About option again. In which many options will come to the fore which are very useful.

Find out the condition of the phone
through test mode Test mode is an important feature of a smartphone. This will let you know if your phone's display, sensors, vibration and speakers are working well. For this type * # 0 * # on the dial and you will have several options in front of you which you can check.

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