Bolder offer for internet users, getting 1000GB of free data

Competition in the broadband sector has increased in many ways. 
Bolder offer for internet users, getting 1000GB of free data
This is the reason why companies are coming up with new plans and offers to attract users. In this link, ACT Fibernet has started giving users up to 1000GB of free data with 20% more data.The company is offering up to 1000GB of free data with its annual plans. Let us know the details.

Broadband plan of Rs. 799
The company's plan is called Silver Promo Broadband Plan. If the user subscribes to this plan for 6 months, then they will get 1000GB of data for free for 6 months. In addition, the company does not charge any installation charges for users who subscribe to this plan. Typically, in this plan, users get 1000 GB of data per month with FUP limit.

Broadband plan of Rs 1,049
This is the company's platinum promo plan. It offers 2000 GB of data per month. Upon subscribing to the 6 month plan, 1000 GB of additional data will be available for free with free installation. To subscribe to the 6 month plan, you have to pay Rs 6,294. Another special feature of the plan is that it will get a cashback of Rs 100 per month on Netflix subscriptions.

Broadband plan of Rs 1,349
This is the Diamond Plan of ACT Fibernet. Of these, the company is offering 3TB of data with a FUP limit of 300mbps. The company is offering this plan with two half-yearly packs. In the first package, users will have to pay Rs 8,094 for a 6-month subscription. In return, the company is offering users an extra month of free service, free Wi-Fi router and 1000 GB of data with 6 months validation. The plan will also get a cashback of Rs 350 on Netflix subscriptions. Talking about the second package of this plan, all the other benefits are being offered, except one month free service.

20 percent additional data offer
The company is offering an additional 20 percent data to users who subscribe to ACT Fibernet's annual plan. In addition, the plan is also offering standard 1000 GB of free data, which is valid for the entire subscription period. Assuming you have subscribed to the company's Rs 799 plan for one year, you will get 1000 GB and additional data per month along with 20 GB (3300 GB extra data). In addition, the company will also give you a cashback of Rs 350 on a Netflix subscription.

Let it be known that the prices of these schemes of the company are stated without tax. After adding taxes, their price will increase slightly. ACT Fibernet is currently offering this scheme only to Delhi users. Nothing can be said about how long users in other cities will benefit from this offer.

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